Poster prize win for HumEn's Jackie Ameri

Assistant Professor Jacqueline Ameri was awarded the poster prize for her work entitled "Safe and Scalable Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes by Simplifying Beta Cell Differentiation".

The Joint EU Stem Cell Consortia Meeting Stem Cell Research in Europe: Status and Prospects took place at the Nemo Science Centre in Amsterdam May 8-9, 2017. Leading stem cell scientists from around Europe participated in the meeting to discuss current and future projects based on stem cell biology

Jackie's poster described her work that was part funded by HumEn. The team identified a new marker on the cells that will create the pancreas, including insulin producing Beta cells. The marker can be used to pull out these cells from a mixture of cells so they can be used for manufacturing beta cells for therapy. The work, outlined in a landmark study has just been published in Cell Reports