Welcome to HumEn
An EU-funded research partnership
working towards stem cell therapies for diabetes
A coordinated and collaborative effort
six European stem cell-research groups
three industrial partners

Welcome to HumEn. We’re an EU-funded research partnership. We aim to develop insulin-producing beta cells from pluripotent stem cells, for diabetes. Learn more...

News and Events

Recent news and events from the project:

Danstem Day 2015

On the 15th April, 2015 the energy and creativity of 16 scientists from Danstem culminated in a day of stem cell activities at Christianshavn Gymnasium for young people 15-21 years old.

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Training teachers in cutting edge stem cell research

PhD student Sara Schmidt, a researcher in the lab of HumEN principal investigator Mark Bradley, last week ventured away from the lab into a local High School to experience for the first time a taste of public engagement. Here she tells us about her experience...

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