Welcome to HumEn
An EU-funded research partnership
working towards stem cell therapies for diabetes
A coordinated and collaborative effort
six European stem cell-research groups
three industrial partners

Welcome to HumEn. We’re an EU-funded research partnership. We aim to develop insulin-producing beta cells from pluripotent stem cells, for diabetes. Learn more...

News and Events

Recent news and events from the project:


Unfolding Collaboration

HumEn opened the door to their science at The Edinburgh International Science Festival in 2016. This video footage shows the path leading up to the event, revealing the preparations and people that created the success.

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Making beta cells, simply

With the vision of providing a cell therapy for type 1 diabetes patients,  HumEn scientists have simplified a way to make Beta cells.

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The Birth of Beta Cells

The inside story being uncovered by scientists. Discovering how beta cells are made during development is taking HumEn scientists closer to creating beta cells for Diabetes Therapy.

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